Site updates

I recently joined the newly formed political party Alternative für Deutschland. Finally, a party promotes a reasonable way out of this Euro disaster and endless rescue policy making, and states an alternative to the „politics without alternatives“ promoted by established

New Episode

After graduation the next episode of my life starts now. Together with my wife I moved to Duisburg in order to start working as a doctoral fellow in the DFG funded research training group „Risk & East Asia“. My research


So from now on, you can officially call me Master of Science in Quantitative Economics, Major in Financial and Managerial Economics. June 1 there was my graduation ceremony, and I was asked to give a short speech in the name

New Design

Today I switched from Joomla to WordPress and dropped most of the old website’s contents. Over the next months I am building up this new site. The reason is simple: My life changes, and so do the demands on my