deck: Intensive japanese at uni duisburg-Essen

In order to learn the course vocabularies, I am using the flashcard learning tool Anki. I created a complete list for all three semesters of the program at the Institute for East Asian Studies. Whoever might be interested in also using this deck is free to download it. Just follow these steps.

  1. Get Anki. You can also use the mobile client for Android, yet you have to use the beta version for now. iPhone client is not for free, but totally worth it.
  2. Register if you want to use the sync function (PC<->mobile). It’s free.
  3. Download the deck „Intensive Japanese InEAST„. It will be opened automatically if you have Anki installed.

Tags provide information about semester and lesson number. They are constructed as follows:
1-1 = Semester 1, Lesson 1
1-2 = Semester 1, Lesson 2 and so on.
Use the Filter option to learn specific lessons. Go to the deck and press F.
Example: use the filter
in order to create a sub-deck with only lesson 1 vocabularies from the first semester.

Import a list from Excel into Anki

Save your Excel file: go to and click on “Save As”.
Then from the “Save as type” drop down menu, select “Unicode Text.”  Name your file and then save it.
(NOTE: The file is not ready to import into Anki.  Excel saves it as UTF-16.  The file needs to be in UTF-8 for it to work with Anki.  So the next step is to convert into UTF-8 using Notepad.)

Open the new file using Notepad.
Then just click “Save as” and change the Encoding to “UTF-8”  and save the file.

Your file is now ready for import into Anki.  Now, just follow the import instructions in the Anki Manual.