Study Japanese

Japanese keyboard input Comprehensive guide for Windows 7, Vista, XP and MacOS
Denshi Jisho
Dictionary Japanese-German
Dictionary Japanese-English
Rikaichan Firefox
Rikaichan Thunderbird
Mouse-over translation add-on
Rikaisama is a modification of Rikaichan
If you have Japanese text outside FF/TB, copy-paste it into this little page to use Rikaichan.
Anki Flashcard learning program – must have!
Lang-8 Practice any language and meet people from around the world
Japanisch Netzwerk
Japanisch Lernen Online
German forum
Collection of materials and links (German)
Erin’s challenge
Video lessons offered by the Japan Foundation
Famous podcast
5-minute Japanese lessons by Hitomi Hirayama
Nihongo Dekimasu Collects tons of learning material
zkanji Great Kanji dictionary and learning tool

Study Japanese mobile

WWWJDIC + KanjiRecognizer
Google Translate
Translators for your Android phone
Keyboards for Japanese input
AnkiDroid Flashcards mobile – even syncs to your PC version!
Train route finder

travel to japan

e-fellows Wiki Infos on studying abroad in Japan (German)
Gesellschaft für Japanforschung
Jobs in Japan
Internship and job platform
Offers jobs, internships and stipends (German)
English language job listings
German Embassy (Jap)
Japanese Embassy (Ger)
Here you can find news and information of all kinds
TrainRouteFinder Travellers‘ best friend
Japan Post Mail service website in English